Creative Time Summit
NOV 3rd 12–1PM
3852 N Miami Ave
Miami, FL 33127

Reciprocidad Andina
Social Practice
has had a major presence in the last decade, and the large number of new social practice programs at universities, confirm the place that it will have among future generations of artists.
In this regard,
as an artist who grew up in Lima, closely witnessing the steep divide between social groups in that city, I have strived to create work that could bring material benefits to the people I work with.
I propose to create
a session that would explore a model of social practice based on the concept of “Reciprocidad Andina”, where anyone could become an agent of change or exchange. People participating in this workshop will engage in some kind of material or service-based exchange.

Creative Time

It is one of the most important, diverse and artistic cities in the USA. Although despite the wealth of art and infrastructure that has its base there and visits it during the art fairs season, it has several areas with severe problems of social and economic unrest, which remain untouched by the economic influx brought by the art related activities.
Also its artists community often feels relegated and left aside by the art establishment, the workshop will explore how the concept of Andean Reciprocity could be used to generate new relationships between the low income sectors of the community, the local artists and the art institutions in the Miami area and how through simple gestures, this concept could help generate sustainable economies that could help restructure the fabric of society.

Los Andes

Reciprocidad Andina,(Andean Reciprocity), as its name indicates is a concept that originates in the Andes, and has its core in the Ayni community structure, which uses the principle of balance in nature as a model for social interactions and for how people relate to material goods.
This way of living is practiced to this day in small communities in small towns away from the city centers, Although many of its aspects are embedded in the popular culture of all the region.
Reciprocity. Community. Andean.
"Reciprocidad Andina" (Andean Reciprocity), succinctly explained, uses the principle of balance in nature as a model for social interactions and for how people relate to material goods.
Our goal is to engage with communities in different locations through workshops that are designed to through hands on activities introduce them to this concept, while highlighting the differences with their own ways of dealing with people and things. The workshops also will explore ways in which some elements of this approach could be incorporated in their everyday lives of people from diverse cultures. Within that framework these workshops would offer its participants, the opportunity to explore the possibilities of an alternative value system based on exchange, as a strategy to develop new relations that could help to strengthen the links at the core of individual communities and across several ones. It could also help to dissolve barriers between groups of different social, economic and cultural backgrounds, creating new opportunities for interaction among them, planting the seed for long term relations. These workshops will be the first step towards the implementation of a grassroots “Reciprocidad Andina Movement”, that would surreptitiously spread, altering though simple gestures, nothing short than the fabric of society.