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“Reciprocidad Andina” (Andean Reciprocity), succinctly explained, uses the principle of balance in nature as a model for social interactions and for how people relate to material goods. Our goal is to engage with communities in different locations through workshops that are designed to through hands on activities introduce them to this concept, while highlighting the differences with their own ways of dealing with people and things. The workshops also will explore ways in which some elements of this approach could be incorporated in their everyday lives of people from diverse cultures. Within that framework these workshops would offer its participants, the opportunity to explore the possibilities of an alternative value system based on exchange, as a strategy to develop new relations that could help to strengthen the links at the core of individual communities and across several ones. It could also help to dissolve barriers between groups of different social, economic and cultural backgrounds, creating new opportunities for interaction among them, planting the seed for long term relations. These workshops will be the first step towards the implementation of a grassroots “Reciprocidad Andina Movement”, that would surreptitiously spread, altering though simple gestures, nothing short than the fabric of society.

Director and Workshop Leader

Cesar Cornejo is an artist working at the intersection between art, architecture, and society. He has lived in four different cultures: Peru, Japan, England and the USA, and each have impacted his work and ideas on art differently. He produces multi-layered pieces in various medias including sculpture, installation, and painting. His ongoing project at Puno Museum of Contemporary Art, where contemporary art is on display in low-income houses throughout a neighborhood in the Peruvian town of Puno, proposes an alternative model of museum which places community at its core. http://www.cesarcornejo.com


Cesar Cornejo Artist & Workshop Director

Workshop Team Assistants

Marc graduated with a BFA from the University of South Florida and is presently pursuing an MFA from Savannah College of Art and Design. Marc’s paintings interrogate our constructed hyperrealities where precarious environmental, social, and political conditions subjugate humanity.


Marc Bridger Aritst

Bonnie is an artist currently working out of Tampa, Florida, where she is pursuing her MFA in Interdisciplinary Art at University of South Florida. Originally from Delaware, she graduated from Millersville University with her BFA in Studio Art, magna cum laude, in 2017. She has taken part in residencies and exhibitions both regionally and internationally, including Pennsylvania and Scheifling, Austria. Working primarily in sculpture, her work involves found objects, space, and process to discuss the construction of social fabrics, liminality, and to invoke a varied sense of place.

Bonnie Mae Carrow Aritst

Diana is a multidisciplinary artist producing works that explore the connection humans have with their senses. She has grown up living in different cultures: Slovakia, Mexico, Bahrain, Spain, Malta and the USA, which have been an influence to further explore the potential between artist and viewer, artwork and public. Diana has had work shown in the Carolyn M. Wilson Art Gallery, Centre Gallery and Kendall Art Gallery. She was also the winner of the MDC School of Craft Scholarship. Diana is currently pursuing her senior year of a BFA in Sculpture at the University of South Florida and will be attending graduate school in the near future.

Diana Fridelova Aritst

Catherine Gomez @xat.gomez is an artist experimenting with emerging technologies from a photographic perspective. Influenced by feminist theory, New Media, and Social Practice, her content focuses on the histories of marginalized communities. Producing multidisciplinary works through the use of diverse media she strives to create dimensionality and kinetic experiences through image making. Her current body of work prompts the viewer to examine how bodies of color operate through physical and digital public spaces. Catherine Gomez @xat.gomez

Catherine Gomez Aritst

Dyron is an artist whose work bends towards individual conflicts and world issues. From a very young age he lived in Cuba, Spain, Kosovo, and the US which exposed him to different cultures that dramatically changed the way he sees and expresses art. He fabricates pieces that fuse both refine and raw materials that transport the viewer to the desired emotional destination. Lafuente’s work has been shown in numerous galleries in both Miami and Tampa, and has also been the recipient of various awards in both Miami Dade College and USF. He is currently a senior student at the University of South Florida and will soon be applying to Graduate school.

Dyron Lafuente Aritst

Ashley is an artist from a very small, rural, and secluded town in the mountains of northern New York. Her work reflects her experiences growing up in small town America and touches on subjects of class, folk art, dysfunctional families, hunting culture and backwoods aesthetics. Ashley obtained her BFA with a concentration in sculpture and printmaking from SUNY Plattsburgh, where she was awarded three scholarships in the arts as well as being chosen by her peers to receive an additional scholarship award. While at SUNY Plattsburgh, she was also the Vice President of Fine Arts for the Student Association and the head of four committees on campus. Ashley has been involved with multiple intercollegiate Iron pours as well as being a certified structural steel welder. She is currently living in Tampa and is pursuing her MFA at the University of South Florida.

Ashley Lester Artist

Social Practice